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Standard duty with snap ring and set screw lock.
  • Wide inner race
  • Black Oxide Finish
  • B-type seals
  • Please inquire about Free Running or High Temperature units
  • Unit of Measure

    d - Bore Dia. of Bearing

    N/A 2 Inch

    D - Dimension

    N/A 3.9370 Inch100.0 mm

    Bi - Dimension

    N/A 2.1890 Inch55.6 mm

    Be - Dimension

    N/A 1.1811 Inch30.0 mm

    N - Dimension

    N/A 0.8740 Inch22.2 mm

    M - Dimension

    N/A 1.3150 Inch33.4 mm

    E - Dimension

    N/A 0.9610 Inch24.41 mm

    A - Dimension

    N/A 0.0949 Inch2.41 mm

    H - Dimension

    N/A 0.2953 Inch7.5 mm

    R - Dimension

    N/A 0.3697 Inch9.39 mm

    J - Dimension

    N/A 0.1252 Inch3.18 mm

    P - Dimension

    N/A 4.1850 Inch106.3 mm

    G - Dimension

    N/A 0.3543 Inch9.0 mm

    Ds - Dimension

    N/A 3/8-24UNF Inch

    Basic Load Rating

    N/A 9.490 lb

    Basic Static Load Rating

    N/A 6.440 lb


    N/A 3.11 lb