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Eccentric locking collar type.
  • Cast iron housing
  • Narrow inner race bearing
  • K-type seals
  • Unit of Measure

    d - Shaft Dia.

    N/A 1 1/16 Inch

    H - Dimension

    N/A 1 11/16 Inch42.9 mm

    A - Dimension

    N/A 4 Inch102 mm

    E - Dimension

    N/A 3 Inch76.2 mm

    B - Dimension

    N/A 1 1/2 Inch38 mm

    W - Dimension

    N/A 3 3/8 Inch86 mm

    F - Tapped Holes

    N/A 7/16-14UNC Inch

    D - Min Tap Depth

    N/A 5/8 Inch16 mm

    M - Dimension

    N/A 0.5827 Inch14.8 mm

    N - Dimension

    N/A 0.3543 Inch9.0 mm

    Bi - Dimension

    N/A 1.4055 Inch35.7 mm

    Bearing No.

    N/A SA 206-17G

    Housing No.

    N/A PA 206


    N/A 2.60 lb